UNiQ Billing system
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Billing system

The UNiQ billing system is sophisticated to the last detail. It has a number of very interesting features that are interconnected and function as a compact unit. Thanks to the UNiQ billing system, you will have a perfect overview of the issued and accepted invoices and their management.

Working with invoices is a matter of seconds!

First of all, the system offers the possibility of issuing invoices and their subsequent management. You can also create invoices based on preconfigured concepts that will make your work much easier and faster. For invoices, you can easily set all required data, allow you to upload items from the warehouse and create your own pricelist. The system makes it easier to enter billing data by connecting to the ARES system. For each subscriber, you can create private notes (about credibility, appointments or phone calls, and also record other documents you need). For maximum clarity, the system also offers sorting and searching for subscribers by industry.

Automatically create invoices

Interesting is the automatic invoicing setup feature, which you will appreciate in regular payments with your customers or vendors.

Issued and unpaid invoices

Issued invoices can be checked using a simple overview. For the unpaid invoices, a special list is prepared, in which they are clearly listed.

Quick filtering and searching

The billing system also includes statistics in which invoices can be filtered by period, division, and by the person who issued the invoice.

Control system for non-payers

A great helper is the module we call the CONTROL System. Invoices are past due and information about the recovery phase. It automatically calculates the penalty, displays the emails that are kept with the debtor, as well as sent SMS, written reminders or information from the law firm.

Other great features

Part of the system is an overview of payments to be paid. Issuance of income documents is a matter of course. Working with invoices makes it easier to print in bulk. It is also possible to print invoices for the selected period.

For small, medium and large businesses

The UNiQ billing system will be appreciated by small, medium and large businesses. It is a sophisticated tool that greatly facilitates all work with invoices and the accounting agenda.


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